Team Titan ARC R10 2013

Team Titan ARC R10 2013
Team Titan ARC R10 2013 Team Titan ARC R10 2013 Team Titan ARC R10 2013 Team Titan ARC R10 2013 Team Titan ARC R10 2013 Team Titan ARC R10 2013 Team Titan ARC R10 2013
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1. The ARC R10 has been designed with a minimum of parts. This not only keeps overall weight down, but also makes maintenance and setup on race day easier.

2. The ultra precise ball-ends and steel-hardened balls have been designed and developed to ensure minimum tolerances and erase play in the joint. Even after extended use, they will feel like new, all due to the high quality materials used.

3. At 82mm the R10 has the worlds slimmest chassis. This allows the car to roll more quickly and reduces the chance of the car grounding while cornering.

4. The R10 has been designed with a wide belt pulley. The standard belt is 3mm giving best transmission efficiency, but the option 4.5mm belt will give better durability during practise running.

5. The R10 is designed so that you can locate your personal transponder in the front bumper area. This position gives good sensitivity and also a small advantage when passing over the line.

6. The front and rear lower arms, steering blocks and rear uprights have a symmetrical design, allowing them to be used on both left and right sides, so reducing the numbers of spares needed.

7. The shock position on the arms can be adjusted by as little as 1mm. This is achieved by reversing the direction of the arm.

8. The R10 CVDs, made from hardened spring steel, are designed to use a G clip to prevent the drive pin coming out during use.

9. The hard anodised shock bodies are teflon coated, giving the CNC shock piston smooth movement and excellent durability. High quality matched racing springs, front 0.30g (yellow) and rear 0,28g (red), complete these high quality units.

10. The R10 comes with easily adjusted anti-roll bars, using a 2mm hex driver to adjust the balance left and right.

11. The dual arm steering system is made from precision parts, eliminating all play. This means precise movement of the steering system will give precise handling of the car.

12. The R10 has a full plastic gear diff, with 6 precision gears, producing a smooth and efficient operation. With 7075-T6 hard coated outdrives, there will be no leakage of oils from these units.

13. The motor has been located slightly higher, this having two benefits. The chassis can be a better thickness at this point and testing has shown this improves handling, and, by being higher, the motor is less likely to ground during cornering.

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