Sanwa MT4-S

Sanwa MT4-S
Sanwa MT4-S
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This is a MT-4s 2.4GHz 4Ch Radio telemetry system that has greatly improved from the MT-4. The response time is claimed to be twice as fast as the MT-4 which mean it comes really close to the M12. LCD display is now equipped with white back light to ensure adjusting parameters at low light environment will not be an issue anymore. The MT-4s also equipped with the latest SSL (Sanwa Synchronized Link) Function to allows adjusting ESC setting on the run (only for ESC support SSL features). 


  • SSL Supported (Sanwa Synchronized Link)
  • Ultra Fast Response Time
  • Display Panel with back-light function
  • CoDE AUX
  • 4 Channels
  • 18 Model Memory
  • Digital Screen
  • Fast Response
  • SSR-Compatible
  • Telemetry. Receiver Voltage, Multiple Temp Sensors and Engine/Motor RPM
  • 1 RPM and 1 Temp Sensor are Included
  • Assignable Switches and Functions
  • Programmable Mix
  • Step Mix
  • Point Mix
  • 4WS Mix
  • MOA Mix (Motor on Axle)
  • Multiple Curves and EPA
  • Multiple EPA Types
  • Adjustable Servo Speed
  • Anti-Lock Braking
  • Alarms with Audible Tone and Volume Adjust.
  • Model Naming
  • User Name
  • Throttle 50/50 & 70/30
  • Includes 2 Grips for Customization
  • TX Battery Range, 4 cell dry AA to 2S LiPO
  • Compatible with RX-461, 462, 471 and other receivers
  • Compatible with almost ALL servos available today.


  • Model:RX-472


  • Sanwa MT-4s 2.4GHz Transmitter (1pc)
  • RX-472 FHSS-4T Receiver (1pc)
  • SRM 102 (2pcs)
  • Switch (1pc)
  • Battery holder (1pc)
  • Extra Handle Grip (1pc)
  • Manual

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