3Racing Cactus Buggy 2WD

3Racing Cactus Buggy 2WD
3Racing Cactus Buggy 2WD 3Racing Cactus Buggy 2WD 3Racing Cactus Buggy 2WD
Brand: 3RACING
Product Code: #KIT-CACTUS
Price: Rp2,500,000

Spesification :


  • Length: 410mm MAX
  • Width: 250mm
  • Weight: Approx 1600g
  • Wheelbase: 250mm
  • 2.6 Internal Reduction Gearbox.
  • Rear Alum Forward Pivot Pin Mount.
  • Rear Sway Bar Mounts.
  • Titanium Nitride Coated Shock Shafts.
  • CNC Machined POM Shock Pistons and Shaft Liners.
  • Oversized Rear Hub Bearings.
  • Metric Hardware all round.
  • Wide Rear Hub minimizes axle vibrations and toe angle variations.
  • Industry standard Double Padded Slipper Clutch.
  • CNC Heatsink Motor Plate.
  • Body and Tire Sets included.
  • Fully Ball Raced.
  • Rebuildable Universal Driveshafts with bearing captured driveshaft pin design.
  • Impact resistant composite Motor Guard.
  • No E Clips pivot pins design.
  • Alum Front Arm Pivot Pin Stiffener.
  • Composite Shock Caps with Oil Bleed Holes.
  • PTFE Coated Threaded Alum Shock Bodies.
  • Front and Rear 12mm Hex wheel adaptors.
  • 12.5mm Big Bore Shocks.
  • Carb Forward High Downforce body.
  • 3 Gear Rear and Mid Motor 4 Gear Gearboxes included.
  • Stiff Composite Front and Rear Arms with Reinforced ribs.
  • Super Narrow Chassis.
  • Oversized 5x10x4 Front Spindle Bearings.
  • Trailing Axle Spindles.
  • Optimised Ackermann Steering System minimizes any unwanted inside wheel play at maximum steering lock.
  • Designed for Centralized Electronic Components Mounting.
  • Dual ESC Mounting Positions.
  • Composite Rigid Battery Mount Plate with Flex Control System (Rear Motor Drive).
  • Integrated Chassis Wiring Tunnels.
  • Composite Flex Optimized Chassis to provide the highest traction on low to medium bite tracks.
  • Accommodates both standard and shorty Lipo batteries.
  • Long wheelbase optimized for brushless motors and Lipo power.
  • Oversized Ball Caps.
  • Adjustable Heavy Duty Ball Differential.
  • 80T 48 Pitch Spur Gear.

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