Triad Slipper Clutch | Mod 81/84 | B4.2 / B44.2 / 22

Triad Slipper Clutch | Mod 81/84 | B4.2 / B44.2 / 22
Triad Slipper Clutch | Mod 81/84 | B4.2 / B44.2 / 22
Product Code: #AV1020-MOD
Price: Rp0

The AVID Triad Slipper Clutch fits most current model 10th scale vehicles from AE (B4.2, T4.2, B44.2, & SC10.2), TLR (22, 22T, and 22SCT), Durango (DEX210, DEST210R, and DESC210R *need Triad Upgrade Pack), and Kyosho (RB6 and RB5 *need Triad Topshaft) and has several advantages over the current slipper offerings. The design allows the clutch to transmit power, yet still maintain a degree of slip without overheating. The amount of difference in the clutch can only be explained after running it. When racers run our clutch, and then switch back to standard, it becomes clear how many areas of the track the AVID clutch improves the car.

We are offering two kit setups to better suit your needs. The only difference between the Mod and Stock kits will be the spurs that are included. That's right we are including two spurs in each kit with the Mod kit having 81/84 and the Stock 72/76.
Team Associated (B4.2, B4.1, B4, T4.2, T4.1, T4, B44.2, B44.1, B44, SC10.2, and SC10)

Triad B44.2 Spacer: Not required but allows for a cleaner installation of the Triad onto the B44 lineup.
TLR (22, 22T, and 22 SCT)

Triad TLR Aluminum Topshaft: Not required but is helpful by replacing the 2.5mm slipper nut to the common 3mm nut so you may use a 5.5mm wrench to adjust it.
Kyosho (RB6 and RB5)

Triad Kyosho Aluminum Topshaft: Required to run the Triad on your vehicle.
Durango (DEX210, DEST210R, and DESC210R)

Triad Durango Upgrade Pack: Required to run the Triad on your vehicle
Install Instructions
AE/TLR 2wd Instructions (*Included in kit)
AE B44.1 Triad Installation Instructions
smoother throttle/brake feel in jumps as well as turns
consistent performance (jumps are the same every lap)
light weight, compact design (TRIAD 11.2g Vs. Stock 16.4g)
longer life with less maintenance
preview at nationals /

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