Product Code: DER-CB-ASC
Price: Rp81,000

DE Racing Chassis Brace

New from DE Racing, a Chassis Brace for Team Associated B4, T4, & SC10 race vehicles, the product that maximizes your racing dollar by increasing the life and durability of your Team Associated race vehicle while maintaining its sleek stock appearance.

This brace keeps your vehicle on the track and out of the pits, virtually eliminating the tiresome and expensive broken chassis. When mounted, the Chassis Brace sandwiches the chassis between itself and the upper steering plate, redistributing impacts and virtually eliminating the chance of a broken chassis.

Everything needed for the job is included in the kit and can be easily installed in only minutes on a fully assembled kit.

DER-CB-A          Chassis Brace for all Team Associated B4 and T4 models
DER-CB-ASC     Chassis Brace for Team Associated SC10 (not 4wd)

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