MIP C-CVD Aluminum Kit TLR 22 SCT

MIP C-CVD Aluminum Kit TLR 22 SCT
MIP C-CVD Aluminum Kit TLR 22 SCT MIP C-CVD Aluminum Kit TLR 22 SCT
Product Code: #MIPC1320
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This is the MIP Aluminum C-CVD Kit for the TLR 22 SCT.


  • Direct replacement of stock drives
  • Lighten weight of your vehicle, while not compromising strength
  • Improved handling and control of your Vehicle
  • 100% Quality Made in the USA
  • Fits the TLR 22 SCT with no modification

MIP’s C-CVD Aluminum kits are for all Modified/Stock racers that require the competitive advantage of increased corner speed, acceleration, stopping time, and overall speed. MIP’s C-CVDs are made of stronger materials for smooth action and less drivetrain wear – and they’re proudly made in the USA.

This new drivetrain removes over 40 percent of the rotating mass when compared to standard equipment. This drivetrain effectively improves cornering speed and overall acceleration. Now both Modified and Stock Racers have something to boost about. The MIP C- CVD allows racers to switch between Stock and Modified Racing, without compromising strength or performance.

MIP C-CVD Aluminum Bones (2), MIP C-CVD Axles (2), MIP Confetti Stickers (2), MIP Blue Thread Gel & Lube (1), SHSS 4-40 x 3/32” Cup Point (2), 1/16 x .430” Solid Pin (2), 1/16 x 3/8” Roll Pins (2), M4 x .7mm Steel Locknuts (2), MIP 3/16” Couplings (2), & MIP C-CVD Capture Rings (2)

.050 Allen Key - MIP Hex Driver Wrench .050 inch (MIP9000)


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