8th Wing Mount Buttons Hard Anodized

8th Wing Mount Buttons  Hard Anodized
8th Wing Mount Buttons  Hard Anodized
Product Code: #AV1805-HA
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AV1805-HA 1/8th Wing Mount Buttons are not just another piece of jewelry, although they might be mistaken for it. They are hard anodized and designed with an aerodynamic profile to avoid upsetting airflow to the rear spoiler, and most importantly, the under-side has serrated grippers to help keep your wing secure. The serrated bottom also prevents the button from twisting your new wing wrap causing the lamination to separate from the decal layer. Basically, they stop you from looking like a bucky with dirt in between the layers of your "pro" wing wrap.

These parts fit almost every buggy and truggy wing on the market. For those racers with “less than perfect” wing mount holes, the serrated teeth grip the wing so that you can over-size the hole to straighten your wing and it will stay in place.
CNC machined hard anodized aluminum with serrated teeth.
12mm Button Head Screws included to complete the low drag aero effect.
Each package includes 2 Wing Mount Buttons, 2 Button Head M3x12mm screws, 1 AVID mini decal sheet.

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